Customise and track your mood

Choose which moods you want to track. Record your sleep duration/quality and life events that may influence your mood or sleep. Track for yourself or to show your health professional (doctors, therapists or counsellors).

Visualise your progress

Build your unique mood diary with informative and attractive graphs, showing your progress over time. This will help you and your health professional find the best way to improve your mental health.

Support mental health in your community

As a social enterprise, Tenang will donate 20% of our profits to our partner mental health societies and patient groups.

Control your data

All your data is stored and backed-up on your phone only, giving you full control. Tenang does not keep your data in the cloud or send it anywhere.

Tenang is useful in many ways

Medical Record

For those tracking their mood for medical reasons.

Special Events

For those who want a record of their moods during special life periods (like those going through pregnancies or quarantines).

As a Journal

For those who simply want a record of their daily rhythms and routines.

Get Tenang today.

An easy, accurate and pleasant way to track your moods.

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